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I am going to use this blog to tell you about my Learning Journey. I’ll add all my achievements from inside and outside school.  I’ll also add some news about what’s happening in my life. Click on the ‘Categories’ section in my sidebar to find out more.

IBIZA 2013

Hi everyone im having lots of fun on my holiday in Cala Gracio Ibiza..The pool is great and im having lots of fun at the kids club…Im eating lots of ice cream and drinking loads of juice….The beach is great too..see you all when i get back……ADIOS!!!!!

random acts of kindness


We made smile tags to tag someone else so that they could be kind too.

 We also made business cards. We are the ambassadors of loyalty and co-operation.

Loyalty means standing by friends no matter what they do. Co-operation means getting on with people. Recently in class we have been trying out some kindness ideas to create a better world by sharing and being good. 

We have lots more ideas to try out and we’ll tell you about them later.


For Christmas I really want Lego star wars, avengers, city and hobbit a pool table a small one skylanders giants lego annual 2013, skylanders spyros  adventurer, moshi monster don’t laugh wears my water swampy and most of all a scooter got to go by     


You can use boxs for different things.  I like dominos pizza boxs and big boxes.  You can also recycle and reuse boxes. I like making things with boxes.  You can get square boxes, round boxes, triangleboxes, rectangle boxes, cone boxes. I like to peek inside boxes so i  can see and get it to see what is in it so if my mum and dad ask me so i can get it right.  you can do lot’s of things like climb in  good boxes like flowers and fruit and veg and toy’s I really like to look inside to  it and go down the stairs thats fun.


 hi i went to my grans house on friday on saturday i got up early and had frostis for brakfast then we went to pet’s at home we got a gold fish i saw a king tutankamun and queen nefertete


Hi I went to the rugby  on sunday 11.11.12 the game was All Black’s vs Scotland.It was at Murrayfield stadium in Edinburgh.I went with my dad,my friend Liam and his dad Kevin.We went on the train from Falkirk high.I bought a Scotland scarf and a hooter..The game was very good and the stadium was very big.The all blacks won.they are the best team in the world.The match ball was delivered by Chris Hoy and all the scottish olympic medal winners were there..